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A hallmark of modern biology is tremendous amounts of complex omics data, which require large-scale data management, comprehensive computational analyses, and efficient integration, for better understanding of the data and hypothesis generation. For soybean with a newly sequenced genome, there is an increasing need from the soybean community to have a one-stop interactive, web-based portal to browse, access and share knowledge about soybean.

Towards this, we developed the Soybean Knowledge Base (SoyKB), a comprehensive all-inclusive web resource for soybean. SoyKB is designed to handle the storage and integration of the gene, genomics, EST, microarray, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, pathway and phenotype data.

SoyKB provides an informatics-based social network system to build connections among soybean researchers, producers and consumers.
Latest Developments

November 2013

  • Mutant Finder Tool added to identify mutants available for a soybean gene in lotus and medicago mutant database.
  • Root and Leaf nutrient conditions expression with ammonia, urea, nitrate and symbiosis added to gene card and differential expression analysis.
  • RNA-seq data added for flooding and drought susceptible and tolerant soybean lines for Nguyen lab access.
  • RNA-seq data added for hormone treatments for soybean lines for Nguyen lab access.

October 2013

  • SoyKB update manuscript published in Nucleic Acids Research Database Issue. (link)
  • Heat stress timepoints metabolomics data added to metabolite card pages and differential expression analysis for root hair and stripped roots.
  • SNPViz tool added for visualizing SNP and GBS data using phylogeny trees.
  • Proteomics data for heat stress time points added for root hair and stripped root for private access for Stacey lab.
  • Detailed user manual added for SoyKB users under Help menu.
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Gene PathwayViewer View the Gene PathwayViewer.

Genome Browser Explore the Genome Browser.

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