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A hallmark of modern biology is tremendous amounts of complex omics data, which require large-scale data management, comprehensive computational analyses, and efficient integration, for better understanding of the data and hypothesis generation. For soybean with a newly sequenced genome, there is an increasing need from the soybean community to have a one-stop interactive, web-based portal to browse, access and share knowledge about soybean.

Towards this, we developed the Soybean Knowledge Base (SoyKB), a comprehensive all-inclusive web resource for soybean. SoyKB is designed to handle the storage and integration of the gene, genomics, EST, microarray, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, pathway and phenotype data.

SoyKB provides an informatics-based social network system to build connections among soybean researchers, producers and consumers.
Latest Developments

November 2021

  • AccuTool and Soybean Allele Catalog for Soy775 dataset added.
  • We launched SoyCSN, a tool to compute and visualize soybean context specific networks both at the expression and interactome level.

August 2015

  • New upgraded combined gene and metabolite pathway viewer available.

January 2015

  • RNA-seq data added for seed germination stages for private access.

July 2014

  • New Gene Model Glycine Max Wm82.a2.v1 along with mapping to the old gene models added into gene card page.

June 2014

  • Iplant username update/signup for SoyKB users implemented. Users with current Iplant accounts can add/verify their usernames and new users can sign-up for Iplant username and add information in SoyKB. Iplant username will be used for data access control for tools such as Jbrowse using Coge and future analysis pipelines access.
  • User analysis jobs section added under the user profile page for easy access to results for jobs submitted for certain SoyKB tools.
  • Function enrichment analysis capacity added under Tools and also in Differential Expression Suite of Tools.
  • Soybean SNP50K array data added to SoyKB. Users can browse this data for multiple PI lines under SNP search.
Featured Tools
Affymetrix Probe ID Mapper Search our database by Affymetrix Probe ID.

Gene PathwayViewer View the Gene PathwayViewer.

Genome Browser Explore the Genome Browser.

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