• Dong Xu, Jianlin Cheng, Henry Nguyen, and Gary Stacey. Developing a Web Server for Soybean Translational Genomics. Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council (MSMC).

  • Henry Nguyen, Gary Stacy and Dong Xu. Construction of Proteome and Metabolome Maps of Soybean to Improve Yield and Value-Added Traits. United Soybean Board.

  • Henry Nguyen, Gary Stacey and Dong Xu. National Center of Soybean Biotechnology.

  • Gary Stacey, Dong Xu and Jianlin Cheng. GEPR: Soybean Root Hairs, a Model for Single-cell Plant Biology Developmental and Environmental Responses. National Science Foundation.

  • Gary Stacey, Dong Xu and Jianlin Cheng. Systems View of Root Hair Response to Abiotic Stress Developmental and Environmental Responses. Department of Energy-US Department of Agriculture.

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