Sign Up/Access Levels

Sign Up

To register for an account, visit the Registration Page and fill in the required information. Once you click "Submit" your account will be created and you will be able to log in using your selected username and password. Users should login and are encouraged to do email verification for account.

Most of the public data on SoyKB is viewable without an account, but certain features on SoyKB such as adding comments, download and uploading data as well as certain tools need the user to be signed in, so data access can be verified.

User account registration and login also provides users with the access to Group creation and to be able to bring in their private data and share it with members of their group. All of these features are accessible via clicking on the username in top-right corner after login.

Access Level

All users now have VIP access level that will allow them to add comments on gene card pages. Comments section can be used by users to share additional gene function annotation, gene family and any other specific information about the specific gene.

Creating Groups

Users can create groups on the account information page after login. They can also view the groups they belong to. Clicking on the group name will show the details of the group, creator information and other members belonging to this group.

Inviting Users to Groups

The creators of the group can invite other users to the groups by performing a search for already registered users using name and institution keyword searches. An email will be sent by SoyKB system to the users and once accepted the users will be added to the group.

Sharing data with group members

Users can bring in their private data and share with the members belonging to their groups. Access to the shared data in SoyKB is controlled based on group access privileges.